Sustainable Development 

Chuong Duong Beverages

Coporate Culture

Chuong Duong is a place where people with thoughts and disciplinary actions, talent and bravery, have a strong and thorough working spirit for good purposes. Each others of Chuong Duong always strives to learn and strive constantly to perfect himself, always taking the Corporate Culture and Chuong Duong's Core Values as a guideline for each person's career.

Human Resource Management

Chuong Duong welcomes all candidates who wish to work in a young, dynamic, creative and effective environment. Accordingly, each individual can maximize their ability and knowledge.

Besides, the company always creates a professional and modern working environment and harmoniously combines the interests of businesses and the benefits of employees.

Sa xi Chương Dương

Environment & Community

Being a Enterprise in the field of soft drink of Peppermint, Chuong Duong understands the importance of protecting the environment. As the owner of the famous tiger juice brand, with a sustainable development strategy, Chuong Duong builds corporate culture with pride, values and traditional Vietnamese cultural identity.